Enjoy the ride
Because you don't know where it will bring you.

In Italy we have a holidays related with specific traditions and activities. For example, on Easter Monday we typically organize a big bbq. Or, another important festivity is the 1st of May, also known as Labour Day.

The problem this year, was that those two days were really close, so it was difficult to organize a ride. This is why I decided to have a solo ride to the Simplon Pass. The season was not very good so I hoped to find a lot of snow on the pass.

The Simplon Pass signs the end of a famous road in Norther Italy, the Simplon road. It ends at the border between Italy and Switzerland, but the real pass is in the Swiss territory so it’s necessary to leave Italy to reach it.

I love this ride because the landscape around the pass is stunning all along the seasons. However, with the snow everything seems to be magnificent and you, with your bike, are only a little point surrounded by mountains and forests. You have two way to reach the top, that differ from where you depart: if you use the motorway from South, you can arrive faster;  if you choose the Northern way you’ll enjoy a better ride experience.

The way I used passes from Locarno, Centovalli, Re and Santa Maria Maggiore. This route passes between Centovalli and Re and is one of the best road on the Western Alps if you like to fold