Enjoy the ride
Because you don't know where it will bring you.

Probably I’m not the only one who loves riding even with sensitivity to some foods allergens. Personally I’m gluten and lactose intolerant.

During the last years I’ve improved a series of tricks to survive which allow me to have such a “normal” riding while I’m travelling. One-day trips do not show difficulties, because it’s easy to be autonomous and bring the food from home is the best option, especially when you ride a maxi enduro with big panniers. When the travel involves multiple days and different places to visit, it could become a big deal.

The space available on the bike is the main issue, because it depends on which type of bike you have and consequently on what kind of provisions you can transport.

Everyone has a different approach to a journey, this is why my experience is only a one possible way to do this, and clearly it’s not the standard one. Anyway I would like to provide to you some nice tips:

  1. Start from home with a basic gluten-free kit, so you have the freedom to survive for the next 24 hours regardless the scenario you’ll find on the road.
  2. Study in the advance the area in which you’re going to stay, in order to search and find shops that could have gluten free product. A lot of supermarkets sell that category of products, besides specific shops.
  3. If you’ll stay in a hotel, it’s better to call it and ask if they’re equipped to prepare food for you. Also you can check on websites or social pages to find this info.
  4. Always have a plan B
  5. Watch around you and have the ability to improvise, especially when all the previous points can’t be satisfy.

So, in conclusion, my key message is that you should switch the popular thinking that your problems with food can’t label you as a “complicated person”, instead you’re a special one.