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In a digital world invaded by poor contents, in this site the images are the milestones.
As each trips, this project will also be constellated by problems, solutions and revisions. But, hey, I’m a biker and I love to improvise.
Not all the Italian posts will be translated
The English version will also allow me to tell stories and share photos to all my not-Italian followers, in a simplified way, because BMT it’s a spare time project. If you're interest is only in the pictures, you can visit the IT version of all my articles.

Spring is a difficult time for our in northern Italy, because it’s too early if you want to reach the Alps but it’s already hot if you want to ride towards South.

The main problem lies in the unpredictability of the weather over the Alps and their passages, so you don’t have reliable information to plan your Sunday trip. As an example, last Spring the Stelvio pass opened at the end of June, while the opening date was defined in May.

So, the problem is to decide between cold and uncertain roads or hot but secure ones.

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