Spring is a difficult time for our in northern Italy, because it’s too early if you want to reach the Alps but it’s already hot if you want to ride towards South.

The main problem lies in the unpredictability of the weather over the Alps and their passages, so you don’t have reliable information to plan your Sunday trip. As an example, last Spring the Stelvio pass opened at the end of June, while the opening date was defined in May.

So, the problem is to decide between cold and uncertain roads or hot but secure ones.

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This summer has been characterized by unusual peaks of high temperatures, and as  bikers, we know a good way to solve the issue: have a ride over the Alps.

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Last July I took part to the motorbike raid called ‘20000 Pieghe’. The main area covered by the tour was the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia – located in the Noth-Eastern part of Italy. Due to the season and the geographic position, I needed to be completely weather-proof during the travel.

After a long selection, the decision was to purchase the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex.

I love all the Astar products I bought during the last years, but those boots really surprised me.

The Toucan boots are the high-end boots in the Astar lineup and they’re a mix of leather, plastic and metal, with a Gore-Tex membrane which allows them to be completely waterproof and breathable. The lacing is totally adjustable and the fit on the foot is really comfortable, despite the size and the amount of protections.

With these boots it’s possible to use our touring trousers both inserted in the boot, or placed over, based on the weather conditions or our preference.

The waterproofness is perfect and it’s possible to ride for hours under the rain without any issue, while the perspiration is very good also in the hot conditions typical of the summer season.

After two trips in different places and different conditions, I think that the Toucan are the perfect product if you’re looking for a pair of boots that are able to follow you everywhere and in all conditions.

Quattro ruote muovono il corpo, due muovono l'anima.