Probably I’m not the only one who loves riding even with sensitivity to some foods allergens. Personally I’m gluten and lactose intolerant.

During the last years I’ve improved a series of tricks to survive which allow me to have such a “normal” riding while I’m travelling. One-day trips do not show difficulties, because it’s easy to be autonomous and bring the food from home is the best option, especially when you ride a maxi enduro with big panniers. When the travel involves multiple days and different places to visit, it could become a big deal.

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Yesterday afternoon was a bit strange: a strong wind flows and I had no plans, but it was a Sunday afternoon and Sunday is the bike-day, so staying at home was not an option.

Moreover I decided to have a short ride around my area, with the Cuvignone pass as my destination, but during the trip I noticed that throughout all the ride I’ve never stopped the bike, until I was on the top of the pass.

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In Italy we have a holidays related with specific traditions and activities. For example, on Easter Monday we typically organize a big bbq. Or, another important festivity is the 1st of May, also known as Labour Day.

The problem this year, was that those two days were really close, so it was difficult to organize a ride. This is why I decided to have a solo ride to the Simplon Pass. The season was not very good so I hoped to find a lot of snow on the pass.

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Quattro ruote muovono il corpo, due muovono l'anima.